Monday, November 29, 2010

lots to say.

Piper loves her daddy the most! He makes her giggle!

Yesterday Piper learned the power of VOLUME and now she mostly talks with it turned all the way up. Hello!

Monday, November 22, 2010

besties and such.

Piper has a new best friend!

Piper has finally discovered Jackie and LOVES her! Especially chasing her around the yard. Piper squeeeeeeels with delight!

Everyday there are new "firsts!!". She is working really hard to sit up from laying down, loves to stand with help, holds her head up well, loves to sit up while being held, blows lots of bubbles and makes rasberries ALL the time, laughs, tries to roll over, reaches for things and grabs them, and sits in her bumbo! Here is her first time in her bumbo that her grandma and grampa got her!


Her monthly photo shoot went well of course... she is so beautiful and happy!!!

very curious...



Loves bath time with daddy more and more! She kicks and kicks in the water then tells us all about it after!

This weekend we hung out with Uncle Eric a lot. Piper is quite fond of Uncle Eric and it seems like the feeling is mutual...

She stole his sunglasses!

And who needs to crawl when you can stand...

1, 2, 3...

my how she has grown.

(click on me to see the bigger picture)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy 3 months birthday Piper!

The Jenney-Doric family has been very busy! Our girl Piper is growing up fast and does a lot more than sleep now-a-days.

She is holding her head up really good and loves to look around. Her favorite place to be(other than in daddy's arms) is out in the yard with all our beautiful plants. She would rather be held facing out than in. She loves books! We are collecting a library! We don't have cable here... books! books!

She is always sucking on her hand and drooling a lot.

She is nursing less often and for longer times. We are starting to see a sleep pattern and are working on our nap/sleep routine/schedule. She has always been a good sleeper at night but over the past week she has only been waking up once at night and sleeping for a good 12 hours! The only prob is she has been going to sleep very early (5-6pm) and not only does dad not get to see her but I can't sleep that early. Then she is up at 5 am. But it's still different everyday and no complaints!

Last weekend we even got to watch 2 full movies and Piper fell asleep half way through both all by herself!

While watching Rushmore:

and A Series of Unfortunate Events:

She isn't minding tummy time so much and is holding herself up really well. She likes to be held sitting up and looking around with her bobble head and loves when we hold her up and fly her around the room.

She is at her best in the morning when she first wakes up. She is all smiles and loves to snuggle:
11 weeks


Today she is 3 months old! WOW! Happy 3 month old birthday Pi! Here she is this morning celebrating...

she doesn't get what the big deal is though...

Right now she is napping... hooray! When she wakes up she will get her monthly picture and we will see how she has grown. Here she is at 2 months...



What can I say, amazing hair runs in the family.