Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We did it.

Even though we aren't terribly interested in traditions, Tyler and I have been talking about getting engaged for a while. We thought it might be rather nice to symbolize what we have felt since just about the first night (new years eve) when I was annoyed at the bar while trying to get my free champagne and when I turned around this giant red haired kid was staring at me. I mean- really staring at me. Maybe I'll post that special little story on the upcoming new years eve... aw... Gross I know.
Anyway, after talking about going to look at rings for weeks at where my Aunt Barb spends her Saturdays, (and looking online at everything from Moon stones to Sapphires but not really considering diamonds and not liking ANYTHING) we finally go to take a peak. We didn't know what to expect, especially since I am not a jewelry person. But then THERE IT WAS. An antique, art deco era diamond ring. When I tried it on, we both melted. We knew it was perfect and left with it! But it still wasn't mine....
That night we had a great time at my parents where Ty and Dad watched the depressing Gators game.
The next day, Sunday December 6th (Happy Birthday Ashlee and Madden!!!) Ty asked me if I wanted to go to the Osprey trail on Honeymoon Island since I had been asking for weeks. It was cold and wet, which if you live in Florida is considered a nice day! We had no idea what we were gonna see so I thought it was a good idea to pose.

And I forced him too.

As we walked I was really hoping we would start to see the birds and then a nice Englishman informed us of a huge 5 ft long diamondback rattlesnake snoozing in the brush. he was cold! And I was scared which is why you can barely see him!

We saw so many beautiful Osprey flying and sitting on top of old trees. Of course, the old trees caught my eye just as much as the Ospreys.

We got to a part in the trail that was blocked off because of a Bald Eagle nest. We saw the nest and the Eagles in it and thought it was very romantic.

We decided to keep going on the trail and try to find the ocean. We did find a body of water after walking quite a ways...

We turned around and kept going and eventually did escape. Then we went to the beach. We sat on an big wooden swing right on the beach. It was really cold and windy! We talked and talked and talked until the sun started to set (and I wondered if I was ever gonna see that ring again)...
Then he did it. He got down on one knee, and there we were finally face to face. He pulled the jewelry box out of his pocket, opened it, looked me in the eye with the beach behind him and said, "Andrea, will you marry me?" At that moment, I realized there was a very small and lovely wedding being conducted right behind him. I took the moment in, got all teary and said, "Of course." He hugged me for a long time and I sobbed like a baby. I was just so... happy.
Finally I stopped crying...

When we got home both moms where at our house and they got to hear the whole story, the very not short version.

Short and Spicy

I have been wanting to start my "real" blog for a long time but this silly thing called college kept getting in the way. See I have plenty of (boring) college blogs... but who wants to read those?
One of my many excuses for putting it off was not having a clever, witty, and cliche name. Tonight I knew I had to start my blog because I have some really great news that is definitely blog-starting-worthy so the very cute and cliche phrase "short and sweet" popped into my head. I'm little, I can be nice, and one hell of a cook so it seemed ok. But the truth is I AM little in size (compared to giant Tyler) but almost never succinct (professionally yes, but when telling a story... um no). I am very loving and loyal but have been called "fiery" more than sweet... and well "Short and Sweet" was already taken. So here we are. Welcome. I hope you enjoy and stick around for a while.