Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pumpkin patch pi.

This weekend we had a dress rehearsal AND a trip to the pumpkin patch. It was so much fun. Now we have 4 pumpkins to carve. One for each of us! Don't forget Jackie!

We both needed a nap!

Daddy made us do it!

Say cheese!

Much deserved nap on the way to walk on the Dunedin causeway and watch the sunset.

In other news, Pi is 10 weeks old today! OMG! She has a doc appt today so we will see how much she has grown.

She had a nice time this weekend with her Grandma and her Uncle!

Uncle Eric

On Saturday, Pi had her first trip to Ikea. That was exhausting of course. Then we all went to visit Auntie Jessica and Uncle Ryan and their chickens! The visit was too fast so I didnt get pics... but after we went to Petra's (the most amazing, delish middle eastern restaurant next to Busch Gardens)

Poor sleepy Pi...




Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Piper's first gig.

On September 25 we had professional pictures taken by the amazing Tanner Jones. Piper was a natural of course. I finally got the pics uploaded (I need a new computer)... here are some of the highlights.

(click on any of the pictures to see the rest)




This one is our fave! It captures her personality perfectly!


Such a model.

Daddy's girl.







Monday, October 18, 2010

2 months of Piper.

Having a 2 month old makes blogging pretty difficult. For example, right now I am able to blog because Daddy is with Piper. But I am giving up sleep, laundry, doing the dishes, exercising, having a hobbie hahahaha etc... I am sure they will all still be there when I am done.

My little girl is growing so fast. She turned 8 weeks old last Tuesday and 2 months old on Sunday! Amazing!I love her more each day. She always makes me smile. Even early in the morning when I haven't gotten enough sleep and she wants to read a book...

She is MUCH more alert. She talks a lot and follows things and voices with her eyes. She has made a couple laugh-like sounds when she gets really excited. She is using her hands much more and has almost grabbed the monkey that hangs from her bouncy seat. For some reason, she prefers monkey over hippo and lion. hmm...

hi daddy...

Her new favorite thing to do is take baths with mom or dad and kick like a frog in the water. Last night she got swaddled after a scream-fest and slept for almost 8 hours straight. I am not sure this was even healthy for her or I, but I do feel slightly less delirious today and she woke up smiling and talking.

She loves when we read to her and she can look at the pretty pictures in her books. She also loves watching Pingu... I will admit I enjoy it also. Probably more.

Pi took lots of naps today...

Last Wednesday she rocked her shades poolide...
8 weeks poolside

This weekend was very active! We went to the honeymoon dog beach and had a cookout and my moms with both families. As usual, I was the only one taking pics so we just got pics of the beach. (the other photographer was a little busy cooking and hosting)

Jackie is as wild as ever... Piper as sleepy as ever...

Friday, October 8, 2010


Yesterday, my mom, Piper, and I went to Natures Food Patch to spend too much money on tea and olives.

Piper stayed in her car seat with a very breathable blanket over it. As soon as we got there, this adorable little old man with an Irish accent walked up to us and asked why I was hiding her. I said she was a secret. He asked to see her. I lifted the blanket and they stared at each other for a while before he said, "Look at her eyes. She isn't a baby. She is just in a babies body. She knows."

I was rather speechless because this is exactly how I think of Piper. She is already more of my teacher than my pupil. My daughter and my mother. I can't wait to ask her what she was doing before she came to us and why she is here. I know we have so much more to learn from her than her from us. For now, she is "stuck" in her little helpless body and I am happy to do my best to provide a healthy and love-filled world for her to blossom.

I wish I would have talked more to that man. Maybe we will see him again...

Goodmorning Alice.

Good morning Piper!

After Piper said good morning... Alice the Airplane from Estonia performed several fly-by touch-and-go's to wish Piper a happy friday...

Pi got buzzed! So much excitement that Mommy needs another nap after the small series of nighttime naps.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Carl the penguin.

THANK YOU Auntie Tif and Uncle Travis for the plethera of amazing infant gear that has made our lives SO much easier...

and thank you so much for Carl, the mildly creepy penguin. He fits right in!!!

Carl stares down pi

but I keep catching him mildly creepily staring at Pi. I can't blame him really. What a smart penguin.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

7 weeks of Piper May

Our little lady is 7 weeks old today!

She is getting so big and tall! She is much more alert, turning her head and holding it up for a really long time! She loves to "talk" and mimic sounds and faces that she hears and sees. She smiles a lot and loves her family.
Tummy time!

7 week old nappies time...

Friday night we did a lot of this...


and some of this...

great fun.

This weekend we attempted to do some fun stuff in the cooler weather. We took Piper to a tennis court on Saturday with the idea of taking turns holding her. We had SO much stuff and as soon as we got there I realized we didn't have sun tan lotion! Even though a seating area was covered, I didn't want to take any chances!

So Tyler took Piper and went to Publix to get some. This was the first time he took her without me. I was SO nervous and couldn't think about anything else! I played with Eric while he was gone and did OK considering...

On Sunday, we went to the beach for the first time. I got tons of sand spurs in my feet. Jackie got one and so did Ty. I also got a splinter! I guess I am accident prone and I have the stingray scar to prove it.








and here is our little sandpiper getting a bath...