Friday, May 27, 2011


On April 18, 2011, Tyler and I got married. It was a wonderful, love filled day. I am so glad we did it and did it the way wanted to. It was very small and intimate, short and sweet. Someday we will get that honeymoon...

Here are some photos from our special day:





























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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

9 month stats

Today Piper had her 9 mo appointment. At our last appointment the doctor was concerned that she was not gaining weight. I was not concerned until I found out I was pregnant and had very low supply. The past few months have been a LOT of work and stress with getting her donor breastmilk and enough food and still nursing. Today I can rest easy because she is "perfect". Well I knew that. It is nice to know I am doing everything right.

Height: 28.2 inches, 90th percentile
Weight: 17 lbs, 25th percentile
Head Circumference: 16.95 inches

I am not sure if those are breast feeding percentiles but either way I am happy. :)

goat cheese!

I am almost done with Pipers birth story. It has really been amazing for me to revisit and have flash backs. Me and ty are remembering so much that we need to re-learn before the next one!


Friday, May 20, 2011

super major crazy updates.

I have three major announcements (all adding up to a really good excuse why I have been too busy to blog)

1) We are expecting baby number two.
2) Piper is 9 months old.
3) We got married.


On May 17, Piper May turned 9 months old... yes... out as long as in. WOW. No one is more shocked than me!!!

9 mos old and 17.5 weeks pregnant!

9 months, 17.5 weeks

Piper is now:
crawling like a madwoman! She follows me around the house wherever I go.
She tries to use her feet while crawling (as if to start walking) and pulls to a stand.
She says dad, dada, momma (rarely), hi, bye, ja-ja, jackie and will attempt to say just about anything that you say to her. she is practicing saying "eat" and who knows what else!
She eats 3 meals a day! Fruits, veggies, egg yellows, ground up nuts, just about anything but meat, cheese and grains. She is a great eater and eager to eat. She is also getting lots of donor breastmilk in a sippy cup from two very special mommies who hold a very special place in my heart. She is also still nursing although I am making very little if any breastmilk due to pregnancy. :( I do plan to tandem breastfeed though :)
She likes to open and close doors.
Laundry is the most amazing thing to her.
She is always laughing and smiling.
She is clumsy like her mom.
She loves to drink out of straws and will steal the straw from my mouth if I am drinking something.
She loves to stare at strangers in public until they look at her and then laugh and smile and basically taunt them.
She points at everything!
She waves hi and bye.
She has 4 teeth (two front top and bottom) and is going to cut another any day now.
She could be sleeping better than she is.... mommy is tired always.

yum, milk.

She throws the ball! We are going to get her a little basketball hoop.

Thai temple
meditating en route to the thai temple

Thai temple mango
Enjoying mango at the thai temple

Thai temple
With dad at thai temple

Thai temple
The sign says "love is blind"

Thai temple

helping with laundry with her famous sly smile (that she gets from dad)

serious business.

trail of destruction.

pool time with dad 8 mo
favorite thing to do- splash!

out for a walk 8 mo
undeniably beautiful.

bath time 8 mo

bath time 8 mo

bath time 8 mo

bathtime 8 mo

bathtime 8 mo

8 months old
8 mo old, dress rehearsal for wedding!

We didnt think I could be pregnant again. My period was all over the place and I was exclusively breastfeeding. However, I was suddenly also miserable, exhausted beyond comprehension, nauseous and had allergies from hell. My mom convinced me to take a pregnancy test. So one night we did, thinking nothing of it and wouldnt ya know... it came out a very strong positive!
I came in to see my midwife Gina and she also got a positive test. They figured out that my due date was October 3 and that I was 11 weeks along. I was pretty sure of when we concieved which would make the due date October 20. At 16 weeks we went to get an ultrasound. Not only did the ultrasound confirm the October 20 due date but also:

15 weeks ultrasound
IT'S A BOY! This shot is looking up at his bum, legs and boy parts. As if he was sitting on the camera. I immediately started sobbing when she said this. We were so excited!

15 weeks ultrasound
Boy is he cute already.

The ultrasound showed that I have low amniotic fluid so I am working very hard to drink enough water and eat enough. Not only am I eating and drinking for the baby to be but also for breastfeeding Piper.

Currently I am 18 weeks along. I just started feeling him move around here and there. Nothing terribly obvious like Pi. When we got her ultrasound she was moving around so much that the tech was flustered that she couldnt get any measurements. The little guy was sucking his thumb and just chilling.
Here we go again!

After much planning (crammed into only a few weeks) we did it. We had a gorgeous ceremony on the beach in the morning and a nice luncheon reception at my mom and dads pool patio. The weather was great (although steamy). My mom and I planned the entire thing, even the food which was scrumptious. Here are some teasers (more to come soon):
wedding 4/18/11

wedding april 18, 2011

wedding april 18, 2011

wedding april 18, 2011

wedding 4/18/11

wedding 4/18/11

wedding 4/18/11

wedding 4/18/11

wedding april 18, 2011

wedding april 18, 2011

wedding april 18, 2011

wedding april 18, 2011