Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

6 weeks.

Today is Piper's six week birth day!

Here she is last night with her mommy in her fave pj's that Dr. Gallagher got her...

Here is our girl getting her morning bath this am...

Here is our Pi so fresh and so clean post bath and very serious...

Last Tuesday Pi had a check up with her Pediatrician, Dr. Jackson-Curtis. She is average weight, above average height and weighs a whopping 10 lbs 5 oz.

Today I visited one of my favorite people ever... my midwife Gina. I LOVE Gina and definitely plan to stay in touch with her whether we make more babies or not. I feel so blessed to have found her and had such an amazing experience with her. I need to dedicate an entire post to her and my experience with her and a birthing center.

Here is me and Gina the day after I gave birth (notice the belly)...

I found this great explanation of what a midwife IS. I hope more women who are low risk pregnancy consider midwives...

"Midwives are autonomous practitioners who are specialists in low-risk pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. They generally strive to help women to have a healthy pregnancy and natural birth experience. Midwives are trained to recognize and deal with deviations from the normal. Obstetricians, in contrast, are specialists in illness related to childbearing and in surgery.[2] The two professions can be complementary, but often are at odds because obstetricians are taught to "actively manage" labor, while midwives are taught not to intervene unless necessary.[3]

Midwives refer women to general practitioners or obstetricians when a pregnant woman requires care beyond the midwives' area of expertise. In many jurisdictions, these professions work together to provide care to childbearing women. In others, only the midwife is available to provide care. Midwives are trained to handle certain situations that may be described as normal variations or may be considered abnormal, including breech births, twin births and births where the baby is in a posterior position, using non-invasive techniques."

Monday, September 27, 2010

firsts, seconds, thirds...

One more post today... hey I do what I can while I can and Piper is taking a gigantic nap!

Here are some of the photo's that have been sitting on my Canon since Piper was born:

The first hour:



The first car ride on the second day to see Gina:

The second day:



The third day with daddy:



The fifth day with mommy:

Impromptu photo shoot at Grandma's on September 1:





September 2 with mommy:

Someone is waking up! Until next time...


Tyler and I have always loved going on sunset walks around the neighborhood. Now we get to enjoy them with Piper too!

I got Tyler an Ergo baby carrier for his birthday and he loves it! Now he always carries Piper around and she gets to be with her favorite person!


Why we do not need tv...









Tyler and Eric's semi-surprise bbq

Last weekend, Eric and I threw a surprise party for Tylers 27th birthday on Saturday September 18. The 17th was also Eric's birthday and Pipers 1 month birthday!

Here is Piper posing for her one month picture in our big, comfy glider that Tif, Travis and Rocket got us for the baby shower:

Everyone was invited several days earlier but Tyler had no idea. On Friday night, we (we meaning my mother) cooked Eric a special birthday dinner and we sang happy birthday and ate a delish cake. After Eric opened presents, Tyler got a present too. It was a little card that was wrapped in hot pink paper and said "To Tyler. From Annie and Eric". Tyler opened it and was SO confused... inside was a handmade (by me!) card...



Tyler was shocked and touched! Woo hoo!

The next day was so much fun! It was great to have most of our friends and fam over. Our back patio was beautiful with lights and Eric was the grill master. We were so excited that our friends Stephanie and Audi from Bradley Method class came too. Even though our due dates were weeks apart, we both had our babies on the same day (august 17), the same way (naturally, at home, underwater), at almost the same time! (16 minutes apart!)! His name is Dallas and both Piper and I have a crush on him!





Here are some more pics from the partay...

bestie Auntie Jessica and Ryan

Grillmaster Uncle Eric


Birthday boy with his awesome gift from Kenny!

Auntie Jessica, Tyler and Pi


Daddy and Pi! Piper is wearing a dress that was handmade for me when I was about her age... This dress was what my parents put me in the first time they took me out!

Happy Birthdays Tyler, Eric and Piper!!! I loves yous guys!

beautiful girl.

Here comes photo's from the Canon, as promised.
These are all taken by Tyler on Saturday, September 25 when we all had trouble getting out of bed...





Sunday, September 26, 2010

doll face.

message in a bottle.

Tyler is a fabulous daddy. He has been changing diapers and burping Pi whenever he is home. He loves to spend one on one time with her and bring her to me when she is hungry. I will admit, as an only child and very proud mother, it is not easy to share... even with daddy! But... he is so wonderful and Pi loves him so much already. Last night, I got a break to write my blog and when I came to bed this is what I found and proceeded to melt all over the floor...

They were both completely asleep and holding hands!

Today we went out in public! We walked around St. Pete and had dinner at Moon Under Water then got tea at the Hooker Tea Co. It was wonderful to be out with my family but made me realize how delirious I am! The last several months have been a blur! I even put on cute clothes! I guess this is the first real time we took Piper to a restaurant. She slept in the amazing Ergo most of the time...

Here is a shot of Pi looking out the window on her way from her first estate sale...

Ty said she looks like she is on safari.

And here she is just being amazing, disgustingly beautiful...

She is doing a lot of talking. This evening she interrupted breast feeding to tell us some very important news. I would share but it is top secret. She did say I could share this small thing though...

Tomorrow (baby permitting) I will be posting a lot of pics from my Canon as well as pics from Tylers birthday which means pics of Pipers best buddy Dallas!

Tomorrow, Tyler is taking his GMAT test to get into grad school. He has been studying so hard. Good luck Tyler we LOVE you!